Vacant Staging

Carlsbad #4378

A 1700+ sqft. 2 bedroom 2 1/2 bath townhome located in old Carlsbad. The realtor advised the out-of-state owner to maximize her profits by staging. After an initial consultation, Beach and Beyond Designs was selected. Working within the seller's budget, we advised on upgrades prior to staging.

Multiple offers received after 1st weekend on the market. Sold for above listing!


Vacant Staging

San Marcos #1120

A 5 bedroom 4 bath house with over 2,800 sqft. The homeowner, living out of state, decided to stage the home prior to listing. Beach and Beyond Designs came in and provided a vision of what a perspective buyer would visualize.

After a few days of analysis and design work, the home was listed. An offer was received and accepted within the 1st week!


Vacant Staging

San Marcos #243

San Marcos #243 is a 5 bedroom 3 bath house with over 2,900 sqft. With the homeowner having relocated, and being such a large house, it was realized that buyers would need help visualizing the potential. Beach and Beyond Designs collaborated with the listing agent to transform this massive house into a modern living home.

The 1st weekend on the market, an offer was made and accepted.


Occupied Staging

San Marcos #328

For San Marcos #328, we worked with the real estate agent and homeowner. After an initial walk-through, provided a written report with guidelines and instructions on preparing the home. Just prior to being photographed, we redesigned with some of latest fashions.

After the 1st open house, an above listing offer was made and accepted.



Design Consulting

Project #6812

Project #6812 was a complete interior makeover. The home was built in the 90's and included the original builder's design and all the the builder grade finishes and appliances.

We began working with the homeowner in selecting a color palette that would be consistent through the entire house. Afterwards, we assisted with the selection of the stone countertops and backsplash for the kitchen; shower tiles and accessories for the master bath; and all the finishing touches for the entire house.

This home truly came from the 90's and ended up a bright, fresh modern home for today.